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When dealing with addiction, in any of its numerous facets, it may not always be easy to get the answers you seek. This is why it is a good idea to have a way to access the most accurate information you can receive within a moment’s notice. Because we understand how difficult it can be to take that first step towards a healthy lifestyle, we are extending an open invitation for you to contact us, regardless of what your reason may be. Whether you only need answers to your questions about addiction, or need more in depth information about the treatment methods we offer, or even give us an opinion Lumiere Addiction Center or suggest ideas that would help us improve, don’t hesitate to let us know, we will be happy to help you get the information you seek.

Choose the Best Contact Method for You

Because we understand that not everybody is within reach of a single contact method, and we don’t want anybody to feel left out of having all their questions about addiction answered, we offer several different ways for you to reach us 24 hours a day, 7-days a week, including by phone, through our online chat, and by filling out a form, through which we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Simply choose the one you feel more comfortable with, and ask our Addiction Specialists any questions you may have. Each Specialist is prepared to provide all the information you will need about our facility, our treatment options, and any other related subject matter.


Give us a free call at 513-303-1505. Our phone lines are open 24 hours a day, and every call is confidential. Lumiere Addiction Centers professionals can answer questions you may have about substance abuse and recovery.

Online Chat

On our website you will find a button that will open a chat window where you can talk to an Addiction Specialist who will help you find the answers you need while respecting your privacy and personal circumstances. As with our phone line, our Online Chat is also available 24/7.

Online Form

If you choose to fill our form requesting information, we will make sure to get back to you in a very short time. Simply fill out the requested information and we will be happy to help.

What to Expect When You Contact Us

Our experience has shown that whenever people ask about addiction they expect to be treated with respect and confidentiality. This is why our contact system is such a success, we offer the answers you seek without any consequences. Nobody will ever attempt to contact you after you have received the information you are looking for, nobody will interrogate you during the actual contact, and nobody will talk about you with anybody else, no matter who it may be.

We would like you to know that you are in no way obligated to contact us at any point. When you are ready to ask, we will be right here, ready to answer. Simply choose your preferred contact method and let us know how we can help. Depending on the method you select, one of our Addiction Specialists will answer immediately or as soon as possible. When you contact us, you will be able to speak freely with somebody who not only understands what you are going through and need, but can also provide the correct information for your specific case. Regardless of what you say or ask, you can be confident you will not be judged, and you will be treated respectfully and kindly.

After you have spoken with our Addiction Specialists about your treatment options and how we can help you regain control of your life, and once you have received an answer to all your questions, you may find you are willing to sign up for our detox and recovery program. Even so, we will wait until you start the enrollment process, as we know that is a decision that only you can make. When you are ready, simply give us a call back and we will get the ball rolling for you and will gladly help you find your way back to a healthy and productive lifestyle.

Because of all this, we encourage you to use one of our contact methods to get all the answers you will need about the recovery process for addiction. It is well known that knowledge is power, and you can become empowered by asking any and all questions you may have as you will be better prepared for the next step in your journey to recovering your life, your health, and your future.

Our Promise

Our Promise to you is simple: to provide the answers you seek about recovering from addiction, the steps you will have to take, and the options we have available to help you start down your chosen path, that of a healthy, substance free, lifestyle. As part of this promise, we will maintain your confidentiality at all times, and we will never attempt to contact you if you decide our program is not for you, and we will never give your information to anybody, no matter who they may be. So, don’t hesitate, give us a call, drop us a line, or fill out our form, and take the most important step today.

Contact one of our addiction professionals today 513-301-1505.