The Lumiere Difference

Why Choose Our Rehabs Near Me Program Over Other Options?

Addiction and substance dependence is something that affects countless individuals nationwide each year, which has led to the market being flooded by centers for drug rehab and recovery. This has given families and loved ones of addicts too many choices for where to go to receive the best possible care. When you or a loved one are struggling with a dependence to one or more addictive substances, your choice in facility isn’t a game. You simply can’t afford to choose a drug and alcohol addiction center that doesn’t have their patients needs and interests at heart. The best – the only choice is Lumiere Addiction Centers.

If you go to different facilities, you’ll find that not all are created equal. In fact, many are not up to par with what you or your loved one deserves in their path to recovery. Exposing a loved one to an uncomfortable or unsafe environment is something no one wants to do, and the fact is that rehabs near me facilities that can’t produce quality outcomes simply waste time, energy and your hard earned money.

But how can you know if an addiction center is both caring enough and qualified to truly give your loved one the caring support and effective process they need to fully recover? Here are some of the things you should be looking for when you make your final decision on a rehabs near me facility for your loved one, or yourself:

Qualities of a Great Addiction Center

The best facilities will check all of these boxes. Remember, there’s no such thing as compromise when the fragile health of a loved one is at stake.

A Comfortable Facility

The ideal facility for someone undergoing rehabilitation for substance abuse of any kind is one that eliminates distractions and provides a comfortable place for the resident to live while in the facility’s care. This means that the facility should provide meals and other basic amenities, so that the patient can focus on their recovery process, and maintain their nutrition and health throughout the duration of their stay.

A Knowledgeable Staff

Facility staff should be experts in whatever service they provide for residents. Medical staff should be able to safely supervise a patient and build a recovery plan, and therapy staff should be well-versed in the discovery objectives and processes that lead to successful recovery outcomes.

Individualized Treatment

No two addicts are the same, so why should everyone processed at the same facility be treated the same way? The most successful addiction centers look at the circumstances that created a person’s dependent behavior in the first place, and build a unique plan for each patient that encompasses what they personally need to recover.

A Supportive Community

A great facility takes a comprehensive approach to recovery by providing access to therapy, group meetings, 12-step programs and integrates family and friends into the process to ensure that a patient has a supportive community in which to recover, whether within the halls of a specific facility or out in society at large.

The Lumiere Difference

At Lumiere Addiction Center, we understand the strength it takes to ask for help, and we know what our role is in providing support and comfort during the process of recovery. This is why we make sure that all of these features of the best addiction centers are provided for in our facility. By taking the approach to overall wellness that each of our residents is a unique subject, and building a solid, comprehensive recovery plan based on this belief, Lumiere Addiction Centers has been highly successful in our recovery outcomes. Here are just a few of the reasons why and features that make our world-class facility different than others that advertise the same things:

Superior Patient Care

At Lumiere Addiction Centers, we put patients struggling with addiction in the hands of a staff of highly qualified and motivated individuals who are committed to helping put you or your loved one on the other side of your hardships. Our residential staff does everything possible to provide a comfortable stay during the inpatient phases of our proven process, our medical staff provides unmatched safety measures during detox and our therapeutic staff helps you build a self-understanding that can help avoid relapses and exposure to triggers in the future.

Location and a State-of-the-Art Facility

Our facility is located on a private golf course at our rehabs near me facility. Privacy and comfort are combined with a serene environment in which to eliminate distractions and find inner peace and overall wellness. Our state-of-the-art facility is a comfortable place to live, and we offer unmatched amenities such as meal service from an award winning food prep staff, as well as basic necessities like laundry and housekeeping.

Individualized But Proven Treatment Plans

We don’t think our clients should be treated like cattle — lined up and put through a homogeneous process. Each and every individual that enters our facility is just that — an individual. We believe that your past experiences and overall health informs the manner in which you’ll best respond to phases like medical detox and treatment, and we build individual plans based on your personal circumstances.

That’s not to say our process is untested, however. We build personalized wellness paths based on a step-by-step process proven to get results. Our system is based on a tapered exposure to the substance in question, a period of full-time residency in our facility and strategic intervention concurrent with a gradual re-exposure to society.

Positive, Strength-Oriented Treatment

We believe that recovery is most possible in a positive, supportive environment. While some facilities make addicts feel worthless by focusing on the negatives of their condition, our Lumiere rehabs near me program utilizes strength-based, positive therapy and treatment, so that our clients have the esteem to believe in themselves when they’re finished with our program.

Alumni Program and Community

Unlike some addiction centers, Lumiere doesn’t believe in eliminating contact after our clients leave our facility. In addition to providing clients with access to AA and NA as well as group therapy and personal therapy within our doors, our alumni build a community that addicts can use for support throughout the rest of their lives. At Lumiere, we believe that if addiction is forever, so too should be the comprehensive journey of support and recovery.

These qualities have made Lumiere Addiction Centers among the most successful in our industry at giving clients a comfortable place to recover successfully from substance dependence.

If you or a loved one feel that your life is being affected by addiction to drugs or alcohol, give our rehabs near me program a call today at 513-301-1505 and start yourself on the road to overall wellness.