Rehabs Near Me Admission

At Lumiere Addiction Centers, rehabs near me, our mission is to help anyone struggling with drug and alcohol dependence and help them get their lives on the right track. That’s why we’ve built, from start to finish, a comprehensive program intended to provide a community-oriented support system, and a distraction-free, comfortable facility in which you or your loved ones can focus on your personal health and recovery.

If you or a loved one feels that they may be suffering from a substance addiction, it can be dangerous to try to recover without professional support, and most of the time, addicts are unsuccessful in their attempts to do so. Admission to the Lumiere rehabs near me Centers can be completed easily and quickly so we can intervene at the earliest possible moment. Here is a little bit about how you can tell that you need clinical treatment for your substance use and abuse, and we can help you get back to living a healthy life in total recovery.

How Do You Know You Have a Problem?

Drug and alcohol dependence isn’t always easily define. In some cases, the severity may make the issue more obvious than others, but there are some definitive ways to tell if there’s a reason to seek treatment:

Are your drinking or drug habits affecting your daily life? If you feel like your substance use is controlling you, or making it difficult to hold employment, make social connections or have others depend on you, it’s likely that you need to seek treatment for your condition.

Do you have trouble stopping once you start using substances? If you can’t stop after one drink, or you have a compulsion to keep using drugs to maintain the sensation without stopping, you almost certainly have some degree of physiological dependence to these substances.

When you stop a substance, do you feel symptoms of withdrawal? When you’re dependent on a substance in your day-to-day life, the lack of that substance can cause some severe physical and mental symptoms. These include but are not limited to nausea and vomiting, delusions and hallucinations, fatigue, irritability, fevers and even periods of heavy tremors and seizures. Withdrawal symptoms manifest themselves differently with different people and different substances, so it’s important to try to control your withdrawals with the help of medical professionals.

If you’re experiencing any of these conditions, it’s recommended that you seek help for your chemical dependence. It can be dangerous and even life-threatening to try to detox alone, and admission into a supportive, safe community can greatly improve your chances of successful rehabilitation at our rehabs near me center.

What Can Lumiere Addiction Center Do For You?

We have a patented process that we use for every resident and client in order to get them firmly on the road to complete recovery. This doesn’t mean that every patient at our facility receives the exact same plan and treatment, however. When a new client enters our facility, they are assessed by medical professionals, who then use their unique circumstances and history to build a plan to detox safely and enter our residential recovery program.

Often this involves scaling down of exposure to the substance in question followed by 24-hour observation until complete detoxification. After this, we keep residents on our facility full time in treatment, before giving them access to a scaled-down period where they can undergo various degrees of outpatient treatment. This period involves one-on-one therapy with a primary caregiver, as well as group therapy and family meetings to ensure that the client is supported as they prepare to fully re-enter society.

The entire process following the initial medical detox typically lasts about 30 days depending on the severity and individual specifications of each case. When our clients re-enter the world, they have explored themselves, identified their triggers and are able to truly understand why they are susceptible to substance abuse and thus prevent future relapse events.

Our Admissions Process

At Lumiere Addiction Centers, our admissions process is easy and efficient, so that we can intervene in a potentially dangerous situation as quickly and effectively as possible.

Call Us

Whether you’re calling about yourself, a family member, or other loved one, the first step to gaining admission into our facility is going through our free phone consultation. This is where you give us the basics of your circumstances, like your relationship to the substance dependent patient, and their health and life situations. 513-301-1505.

Get Approved

We approve anyone who:

  • Is over the age of 18
  • Is willing and able to follow through with our programs
  • Has a drug or alcohol addiction
  • Has one of our accepted insurance plans or is otherwise accepted

Before you or a loved one walks through our doors to be treated and begin recovery, we need to ensure that our professional and medical staff can successfully meet the patient’s needs both medically and clinically.

Schedule an Admission Date

Once you or your loved one has been approved, we need to start preparing for admission. When you arrive at Lumiere rehabs near me, everything will already be set up and arranged for you or your loved to recover in the comfort of a supporting community with all the amenities you need to live free of distractions during your stay. By scheduling a date to arrive, we can ensure that all of these arrangements are made prior to the patient’s arrival.

Admission and Assessment

The first thing we’ll do once you or your loved one enters our facility is getting your file started with an initial assessment. This way we can learn how to provide for your health and safety throughout the process of medical detox and recovery and ensure that your stay in our facility is as comfortable as possible.


Once you or your loved one has been admitted and assessed, we can safely and comprehensively begin treatment for your condition.

Remember, there’s no shame in asking for help. People become dependent on drugs and alcohol for various reasons, and dependence is not your fault.

If you think you may have a problem with substance addiction and abuse, call Lumiere Addiction Centers today 513-301-1505.