Apply for Admission – Rehabs Near Me

When patients take the brave step towards addiction treatment, we understand the pressure patients feel and the strange sense of urgency that overwhelms them. When you decide to get addiction treatment, you do not want to wait and you want your questions answered. That is why our highly-skilled and experienced staff are ready to make your admissions process as smooth and fast as possible at our rehabs near me.

In every instance, our first contact with a patient starts with a phone call, a chat conversation online, and email, or our response to a form or patient filled out. Every conversation we have with our patients are at no cost, confidential, and stress-free. The admissions process actually begins with that first contact where we spend time understanding the patient’s situation and getting to know the patient as much as possible. We need a lot of information to make sure our patients get the right addiction treatment, and we waste no time in gathering that information.

Once we feel like we understand your issue, we start the process of financially approving you for addiction treatment. We accept almost all forms of national health insurance, and we can also work with patients who want to pay in cash or using a credit card. We understand the urgency of getting help, and we do everything we can to get you financially approved for our services. We take care of the finances first to put our patients at ease and make the rest of the admissions process and treatment less stressful at our rehabs near me.

Medical Approval

The medical part of our admissions process is handled by our experienced and compassionate medical professionals. To us, it is important to understand every potential medical issue you are experiencing and not just those issues related to your addiction. While getting you admitted to our facility is our primary concern, your health is an even greater priority. If our medical experts find something that should be treated by other specialists, then we will help you to get that ball rolling. We treat the entire patient and not just signs and symptoms of addiction. We believe that if we don’t treat the entire patient, then our treatment will not be helpful.

Clinical Approval

A clinical examination is the final part of our admissions process and this is where we get to learn more about how your addiction is affecting your mind and other aspects of your existence. Many patients are surprised at how thorough our clinical examination is, but there is a lot we need to look for to treat you properly. You might be a dual diagnosis case where there are psychological issues to treat along with physical problems, and we need to treat all of those conditions concurrently. Our comprehensive treatment program includes every potential medical and psychological element of your condition, because that is the best way to get the results you need.

Our goal is to get every patient approved and admitted within 24-hours, and our staff works hard to achieve that goal with every patient. If something gets in the way of admissions, then we are actively involved in making sure that our patients get the support and help they need to move to the next step. Sometimes an admissions process is complicated, and we understand how intimidating that can be. That is why we explain everything that is going on to our patients and constantly make them aware of their options.

Every addiction treatment patient feels the urgency of getting their treatment started, and that urgency is even stronger when the patient knows exactly what will happen during treatment. When we sit our patients down and go through the treatment process with them, we can often see the excitement in their eyes at the thought of getting healthy and getting their lives back. We share that excitement, but we also want to make sure that the process is done right with every patient. That is why we are so thorough with our admissions process, but yet we work hard to complete the process as quickly as possible.

It all starts with that first contact which comes with no obligation, no charge, and no pressure. We can answer your questions and leave the ultimate decision up to you, or we can immediately walk you through the process of getting admissions started. Our goal is to give you the kind of addiction treatment that makes you feel positive about your future, and makes you excited for all of the possibilities that your life can bring.


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