Looking for addiction treatment centers near me? Making the decision to get help for your or a loved one’s addiction treatment is a big positive step forward, but it doesn’t always come without reservations. Here are some common questions we get from incoming patients at Lumiere Addiction Centers.

Can I smoke?

We understand that entering detox or going through a rehab program can be a stressful time and cause some anxiety. Some of our patients prefer to use their time in rehab as a jump-start to quit smoking, but for those who find it to be helpful, we do offer patients the opportunity to smoke outside the building where we have dedicated seating areas.

Can I bring my pet?

While we encourage you to bring some comfort measures from home, such as comfortable clothes and slippers, we unfortunately cannot accommodate pets on site or during visitations.

Can I have visitors?

Patients going through detox generally don’t have visitors so they can focus on resting while their bodies begin to heal. However, rehab patients are allowed visitors on certain days during specific times. We have a family group time with visitation afterward every weekend.

Is it a lock-down facility?

Lumiere Addiction Centers is not a lock-down facility. We take patients on a voluntary basis, and you are free to leave the facility when you wish. However, it’s important to stay for at least the recommended detox time, which varies depending on the substance and the age of the patient. If you decide to leave detox early, it’s important to understand that you will be leaving against medical advice, which may affect admissions at other facilities and/or your insurance coverage.

Is it gender specific?

Our addiction treatment centers near me programs are gender specific. We believe this helps our patients focus on their own recoveries and be more comfortable opening up in group therapy sessions without unnecessary distractions. This also helps patients socialize freely and start to form sober, supportive friendships.

What does a typical day look like?

What your day will look like depends on whether you are in a detox or rehab program. For those in detox, the focus is on safely getting your body through the withdrawal process. This means that you’ll spend more time resting, and you won’t be able to partake in physical activities like exercise. This is because withdrawal from your addiction can be quite difficult on your blood pressure and heart rate, and physical activity can make this worse. However, this doesn’t mean there won’t be anything to do. During detox, our patients are able to watch TV, play board games, read, write, spend some time outside and engage in stress-relieving activities, such as meditation and listening to music. Lumiere Addiction Centers also offers optional groups during the detox phase if you feel up to it.

Once you enter into our addiction programs, there are even more options. The day starts at early when you wake up, and lights out is at 11 p.m. Our patients usually spend some time getting ready for the day in the morning and then head to eat breakfast. We serve three full well-balanced, delicious meals every day and also offer snacks. When you’re not sleeping or eating, you can participate in physical activities, such as basketball and exercise classes, as well as social endeavors, such as cookouts and movie nights.

Groups are also a significant part of life at Lumiere Addiction Centers. Our patients can take advantage of both individual counseling and group therapy, where they may be able to share stories and find support in others going through similar life events.

A few groups you may choose to take advantage of include:

• Stress and anxiety group
• Goal group
• Triggers and impulses group
• Honesty and denial group

Our patients also have some downtime in every day when they can spend some time reflecting on what type of person they want to be and what they want to achieve with their lives after rehab.

Interested in finding out more about our addiction treatment centers near me program?

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