Treatment Payment Options

Most people who utilize the services of an addiction treatment center are not at all familiar with the drug rehab cost. We find that a majority of the people who indicate that they will not seek treatment with us say that because they fear that they cannot afford the treatment. Our goal is to treat you psychological and physical issues without adding the stress of financial issues in the form of big medical bills. That is why we take the time to explain the payment process and let you know that you have options with drug rehab cost.

We are always happy to hear how surprised our patients are when they realize their drug rehab insurance will cover all of the costs of their stay. You might have a deductible you have to pay, but you would not be on the hook for all of your treatment costs if your insurance approves your stay. We accept most major medical insurance policies offered by the country’s largest insurance providers. We can also work with many of the larger regional carriers throughout the country. It never hurts to ask about insurance coverage and the worst an insurance company can do is decline coverage. But we are always happily surprised when an insurance company agrees to give our patients the chance they need at getting their lives back.

The process starts with a visit to our facility and an interview with one of our associates. We will review your rehab insurance and we will make the necessary calls to find out if coverage is available. In some cases, an insurance company is willing to hear your story and use that as a basis for making a decision. We do the work for you and explain the process to you so that you know what you can expect. You do not start your treatment until payment arrangements have been made, and we let you know exactly how much of the drug rehab cost, if any, will come out of your own pocket.

What if you don’t have health insurance? We regularly get patients who do not have insurance, but desperately need our help. We refuse to turn patients away without exhausting every possible payment option available. For some patients, credit works as a way to pay for their treatment. Our associates can explain the process to you and give you advice on where to start. Some patients are able to pay in cash, and we are able to accommodate that payment form as well. Once again, you do not begin treatment until your payment plan is in place. We do not want any concerns over paying for your treatment to get in the way of the treatment itself.

From time to time, we get patients who use state-funded health insurance, Medicare, or Medicaid. Right now, we are unable to accept those forms of health insurance as payment. While situations can change as the years go by, we still do not immediately turn away patients who rely on public insurance for their medical care. We will still work with you on possible payment options that can help you get the treatment you need.

Why do we care so much about our patients that we are willing to do the work required to look into so many different payment options? Because addiction and mental illness are stressful enough without worrying if your treatment will be stopped because of the bill. Collecting a fee for our addiction treatment methods is how we are able to continue to offer our services to the people who need them. But we do everything we can to remove the cloud of financial pressure from our patients and allow both the patient and the medical staff to get to the job of treating addiction.

Gaining the courage to make the decision to seek out addiction treatment takes enough out of a patient, and that means that adding in the fear of financial loss can be devastating. Our compassionate associates understand how intimidating the thought of paying for treatment can be, and that is why we spend all of the time you need going over your payment options. In most cases, we find that paying for treatment is a simple process and gives our patients peace of mind. Even when paying is not so easy, we still do everything we can to give all of our patients the access to the treatment they need.

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