Alcohol Treatment Centers Near Me

Alcohol dependence is easily the most common substance addiction for our alcohol treatment centers near me program, and with the ease of access to alcohol from coast to coast, it’s of particular importance to address drinking problems independent of other treatment programs at Lumiere Addiction Centers.

The normalized nature of alcohol consumption in society can make it difficult for you or a loved on struggling with the negative aspects of alcohol dependence to know that you there’s a problem.

If you have almost unstoppable physical cravings for alcohol, experience withdrawal symptoms when you stop consumption or find yourself unable to stop drinking in any setting, you may have an issue with alcohol abuse. At our alcohol treatment centers near me program, we realize the stigma that goes along with admitting you have a problem. Fortunately, you are not alone in your condition. Many Americans have triggers that compel them to build unhealthy habits with alcohol, and we have helped them get clean — rest assured, Lumiere Addiction Centers can help you too.

Our Alcohol Treatment Centers Near Me Process

When a new patient checks into our facility at Lumiere Addiction Centers, they are voluntarily entering into a comprehensive program that will allow them to detox and get back on the road to recovery in a supportive, caring and professional environment. Here is a summary of the steps involved in getting you or a loved struggling with alcohol addiction clean with our alcohol treatment centers near me program.

Assessment and Detox

When a new patient arrives at our alcohol treatment centers near me program, they are first given a preliminary mental and physical health screening. This allows our medical staff and caregivers a summary of an addict’s health so that they can provide the best, most individualized treatment possible.

After the initial assessment, we can begin our patented process of medical detox. Because of the intense withdrawal symptoms of alcohol detoxification, residents are given near-constant medical attention with vital sign measurement until they are stabilized and deemed healthy physically. With detox from alcohol, some of the symptoms you’ll expect your loved ones or yourself to feel and experience are:

  • Nausea and Vomiting
  • Irritability and Agitation
  • Insomnia
  • Hypertension
  • Delusions and Hallucinations
  • Rapid Heart Rate Increase
  • Seizures and Tremors

By measuring the patient’s vitals throughout the detox process, we can prevent them from experiencing symptoms that are severe or dangerous in the process. From here, we can begin the process of alcohol treatment in full.

Different Stages of Residential Treatment

From this point on, the goal of our medical staff and caregivers is to try to transition the patient back into daily life without exposing them to too much at one time. That’s why our system involves a gradual exposure to society.

The first phase takes place entirely in our facilities. Residents are given all the tools to focus on their recovery throughout each day of their stay: amenities include meal service from award-winning chefs, on-site laundry service and housekeeping to ensure that patients are not responsible for anything more than their journey to recovery and a newly healthful lifestyle.

The next phase is a Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP) in which our staff of caregivers allows the resident to partially re-enter society, with the support of our medical and therapy staff as well as their own support system there as a safety net for their recovery.

After PHP is when our outpatient programs begin. The first is typically what is called an Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) and is more hands-on, after which we begin a regular outpatient treatment schedule, with an introduction to Alcoholics Anonymous and other support groups that will benefit you or your loved one after they leave the confines of our facility for good. Call our alcohol treatment centers near me program today for a free assessment by one of our addiction specialists – 513-303-1505.

Objectives and Outcomes of Alcohol Treatment

Throughout the treatment process, patients have constant access to therapy sessions, including one-on-one therapy, group therapy, and family meetings. The purpose of this constant intervention is not simply to treat the condition of alcohol dependence, but the underlying causes as well.

We help addicts ask themselves what factors could have caused their dependence initially, and how they can avoid relapses. This involves examining their own physical, emotional and spiritual background for clues on the origin of their addiction, and the identification of triggers that they need to avoid in the future if they want to be successfully rehabilitated.

This journey of self-discovery throughout the process of alcohol treatment centers near me allows addicts the ability to avoid the reasons for their dependence in the first place, as well as people and activities (triggers) that may increase the frequency of negative impulses once they leave our addiction treatment facility.

Lumiere Addiction Centers Provides a Supportive Environment

For a person dependent on drugs or alcohol, the environment in which you begin to recover can make all the difference. Often, society is not accepting of the fact that addiction is a disease and alcoholics have a hard time with the constant availability of alcohol in restaurants and social functions. At Lumiere Addiction Centers, we make recovery a comprehensive process and help you realize the influencing factors or your dependence are, so you can avoid relapses in the future. We give you the tools to recover in a healthy, gradual manner and the support to know that you’re not on your journey alone.

If you or loved one are experiencing the negative effects of alcohol dependence, you can’t afford to wait. Call our Alcohol Treatment Centers near me program today. 513-301-1505.