Treatment Services

At Lumiere Addiction Center, we know that addiction can be a lifelong challenge. We are ready to stand with you at every step of your journey to battle addition. Because we know that each person’s journey is different, we offer a variety of treatment choices so that we can help you in the way that works best for you as a person.


The first stage of breaking out of the cycle of addiction is always detox. This is true whether you’re dealing with chronic addiction or when your body has become dependent on a prescription drug.

At Lumiere Addiction Center, we’re prepared to help you through medical detox. The specifics of your detox program will be tailored for your unique situation. We consider the type of drugs (including alcohol) that you’ve been using, how long you’ve been using them and in what quantities, and the circumstances under which you’ve been using the drugs. We examine your personal health, and then our highly trained clinical staff match the right evidence-based protocol to your individual situation.

We stand with you at every step of the way during detox. Our medical treatments and approach may let you avoid some of the more uncomfortable and serious symptoms of withdrawal, even if the experience isn’t entirely struggle-free. We help you manage pain symptoms while monitoring your medical status to keep you safe.

Residential Treatment

Often the best way to break out of the cycle of addiction is to change the environment that’s encouraging your addiction. When you come to Lumiere Addiction Center, you step into a new environment, one that encourages healing and wellness, one where you’re surrounded by people who are all dedicated to helping you break the behaviorial patterns of addiction and see you safely through recovery.

As part of our residential treatment, we provide not only detox, but the full-featured inpatient treatment you need, all tailored for your unique circumstances and needs. We will teach you about addiction and recovery, and provide counseling not only to you, but also to your family where needed.

We also provide the facilities you need for exercise as well as providing a healthy social environment, gourmet-quality meals, and a private, resort-style room. Once you’re done with your residential treatment, our dedication to you doesn’t stop. Aftercare services and our relapse prevention program keep you on the right track upon your return to your everyday world.

Partial Hospitalization

With our partial hospitalization program, you spend your days working toward wellness at our facility while sleeping at your own home each night. During the day, you’ll participate in counseling, various types of therapy, social activities, and group work, all following a customized treatment plan designed by our staff to meet your unique needs.

Partial hospitalization is an excellent option if you have a supportive environment at home, one that’s safe and surrounds you with encouragement and security. In this case, we can provide the therapy and treatment you need to fight the challenges of addiction and substance abuse.

Partial hospitalization is also a great choice if you’ve already undergone inpatient detox or rehab, but you need a measured way to return to your regular life. By providing you with a full framework of support and structure, partial hospitalization can let you move gently from rehab to normal activities. As you make this transition, we’re there to help you deal with the triggers you encounter day by day. Knowing you have this support help you be strong in the face of challenges and stress, keeping a positive outlook.

Intensive Outpatient

At Lumiere Addiction Center, we’re prepared to take you through rehab even if you need to remain an outpatient via our intensive outpatient program. You begin with an assessment from a trained rehab counselor who designs a personalized treatment plan for you, then continue to work with individual counseling on an intensive basis, meeting with your trusted counselor for many hours a week to guide you on the path to healing.

During your intensive outpatient therapy, you’ll explore the causes of your addictive behaviors and learn how to change your focus. We’ll teach you techniques that help you free yourself from addiction and deal with triggers. Because you’re still living in your regular world, you may have to deal with triggers in a more direct way, so much of your therapy will focus on how to avoid stressers and temptations.

In addition, you’ll also participate in group therapy or in a 12-step program, since doing so boosts your motivation and helps you work through issues regarding anxiety, denial, and anger, while also helping you set personal goals.


As you move from detox into recovery, and as you transition from inpatient rehab to your regular world, our outpatient services stand with you. During your recovery, you can expect your outpatient therapy appointments to decrease to as few as once per week. We’ll also pair you with a mentor during recovery to provide accountability, encouragement and support.

We also provide family counseling to help bolster your support system and to repair any damage that your addictions may have caused to relationships. Being able to work through personal issues with loved ones increases your chances of success during recovery and helps you approach your life in a healthy, forward-looking manner.

Outpatient services let you learn to handle your addiction without having to stop your entire life. Our 24/7 admissions counselors are ready to help you assess which type of treatment services are right for you, to get you on the path toward rehab, wholeness, and healing.