Dual Diagnosis Treatment Centers Near Me

What is a dual diagnosis? In the days before modern addiction treatment, it meant significantly lowering the chances of a successful recovery for people who experience psychological issues along with their addiction problems. Today, a dual diagnosis issue is something our facility and compassionate staff are more than able to handle. Our treatment experts refuse to only treat your addiction and then leave you to handle your psychological isses on your own. We offer comprehensive substance abuse and mental illness treatment programs that run concurrently to help treat your entire addiction issue.

A good example of a dual diagnosis issue is depression brought on by an alcohol addiction. Initially, the patient became addicted to alcohol for any number of reasons, and the helpless feeling addiction creates lead to chronic depression. This is not the type of depression where you feel sad for a day or two and then you begin to feel better about yourself. This is depression that lingers for weeks and can cause long-term physical and psychological issues for the patient. With our treatment program, we go after both problems and get results that are proven to be more substantial and permanent.

Treatment for dual diagnosis is not only crucial to each patient’s successful recovery, but it also has other positive effects that help our patients to enjoy a more comprehensive recovery. Some of those benefits include:

  • Treating both physical and psychological issues at the same time reduces the ability of the psychological issues, such as a short attention span, to get in the way of a full recovery.
  • Treating both issues at the same time gives our medical experts a chance to utilize medication designed to handle both of these types of issues.
  • When treating both psychological and physical issues related to addiction, the hestitation to utilize certain types of medication because of their broad effect on the body and mind is no longer an issue.
  • Struggling with a mental illness and an addiction issue is extremely difficult. But when we treat patients with a dual diagnosis, we make sure that they are able to talk to each other to create a support network that is perfect for handling the issues they will experience during recovery.
  • Psychological issues can create unique relapse problems that do not occur with patients only going through addiction treatment. When we treat dual diagnosis patients, we take that opportunity to try and avoid those unique issues and create a more comprehensive treatment plan.

We create personalized treatment programs for all of our patients, and that especially applies to cases of dual diagnosis centers in Ohio. Our therapists are experts who are trained to detect potential psychological problems and identify the signs of mental illness. In some cases, it does not matter whether the addiction came first or not. But in other cases, certain types of mental illness are much more susceptible to addiction than others. Our experts are trained to recognize those situations, and that information is used to create a comprehensive treatment program.

We treat dual diagnosis treatment centers near me patients within our facility using our qualified staff, and we also have our alumni network set up to offer ongoing support after treatment is done. We know that dual diagnosis patients represent a relapse risk that can be a danger to themselves and their loved ones. Our alumni network is designed to help extend support to our dual diagnosis patients, offer resources for ongoing treatment, and be that support group that our patients need.

In the world of addiction treatment, dual diagnosis treatment centers near me cases requires specific types of attention that our facility and staff are ready to offer. We understand how to give a proper diagnosis, and we have the experienced professionals in-house who can put together a treatment program that will meet your needs. We believe in standing right beside our patients from the moment they enter our facility until the day they leave. Even after leaving our treatment center, we offer several options to utilize our alumni support network and handle the challenges that come with a full recovery.

Dealing with addiction is stressful enough, but trying to handle the process of recovery while suffering from a mental illness can make the process almost impossible. We learned a long time ago that a dual diagnosis situation is something we are more than able to handle with our staff and facility, and that dual diagnosis patients can sometimes require more support and treatment options than others.

There is no shame in trying to handle two difficult conditions at the same time. Our staff offers you the respect you deserve, while putting together a plan that can handle your specific situation with a high level of success. Contact one of our associates today and start the conversation about your addiction and mental health issues that could give you your life back and help you to feel good about your future again.

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