Partial Hospitalization Program Near Me (PHP)

Our Lumiere Addiction Centers program focuses on healing process is Partial Hospitalization Near Me (PHP). This is a crucial step in that this is the first step in a patient’s journey to re-entering the world at large.

It’s important to place a large amount of emphasis on our facility’s Partially Hospitalized residents because this is their first point of contact with any part of what is considered “normal” society after their detox. Therefore, this is the time when it is most common for addicts to be exposed to the pressures that put them at risk for relapse. For the friends, family and loved ones of our residents, this is a scary time, which is why the PHP process is as important a step as any in our facility.

Lumiere’s Partial Hospitalization Program Near Me Process

At Lumiere Addiction Center, our PHP patients have only just completed the residential part of their recovery. This means that during Partial Hospitalization, residents have had very little contact with the world outside our walls since before they were sober and on the road to recovery. This is why we put such great emphasis on this step in particular — this population is at risk for relapse as soon as they are exposed to the triggers of their former lives.

As the transition back into everyday live moves forward, we pair each of our residents with therapists whom they see on a regular basis:

The Purpose of Intensive Therapy During PHP

During Partial Hospitalization in our facility, therapy and counseling programs are of the utmost importance. Our professional staff can elevate the standard of care for former addicts, as well as help them explore the way they came to be in recovery.

Our PHP process involves several tiers of structured, face-to-face therapy sessions where our residents can talk about their lives, their personal development and how they came to become physiologically addicted to a substance that affected them negatively. Medical and Psychological experts believe that this is the best way to try to ensure that relapses won’t occur. If people don’t understand how their problems arose in the first place, they likely won’t be able to understand their triggers and are at risk of exposing themselves to those triggers once they are living independently once again. Here are some of the programs that are instrumental to re-integrate our residents back into a normal, healthy daily life:

  • Primary Therapists: Each outpatient in our facility is assigned a primary therapist with whom they meet regularly. This ensures consistency in treatment and the opportunity to provide our patients with an outlet that doesn’t change throughout this step of the recovery process.
  • Group Meetings: Facility-led group therapy is a way to start integration with 12-step programs like AA and NA, as well as a collective healing experience. When your loved ones feel connected to others in their situation, their own circumstances feel less overwhelming, which can contribute some positive elements to their ongoing sobriety.
  • Family Meetings: Meeting with the family and loved ones of addicts gives the staff at Lumiere the ability to communicate with a large part of our residents support system: their family. Having everyone involved with our patients’ recovery understand the objectives of the healing process and be on the same page in terms of supporting their loved ones in his or her path to a healthy life is imperative to the outcomes of the process.

Lumiere Amenities

During the PHP step of our addiction recovery process is the first time a resident doesn’t live full time at our facility, but they still need much of the support available at our addiction center to be successful in their recovery. Our facilities come equipped with amenities to support addicts at all stages in the recovery process, from initial counseling and medical detox to the last stages of outpatient recovery support:

  • Meal service from an award winning chef and food preparation team.
  • Laundry service when applicable
  • Access to medical personnel at almost all times

Just because a patient no longer spends all their time at Lumiere Addiction Center doesn’t mean that they don’t need the structure that our facility represents. Our former full time residents have access to almost all the amenities that they did when they lived with us, giving them the structure and support they need to be successful in their recovery at our partial hospitalization program near me center.

PHP Outcomes and Objectives

At Lumiere Addiction Centers, our aim is to provide unmatched care and support through every step of the recovery process, and Partial Hospitalization Programs are no different. Although this step is primarily an outpatient program, we open our doors all almost all hours to addicts seeking help and support. Those familiar with addiction and recovery know that it’s an up-and-down process; your loved ones will have good days and bad days during their recovery, and with the help of our PHP process, they can get the continued care they need to move on to less hands-on outpatient treatment.

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